The ARF Archives would not exist today without the commitment and work of Apraham Giulkhandanian. The need to organize the archives of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation was recognized before the party even celebrated its 10th anniversary in 1900. Evidence exists that the work undertaken at that time was done by Rosdom (Stepan Zorian), and it is to his credit that much of the material has survived. Early on, the need for a central repository of party archives was understood, and the Geneva offices of Troshag was a natural choice.

Yet the circumstances, challenges and trauma of history did not allow for the work of the archives to continue uninterrupted or in a normal fashion. The 12th World Congress of the ARF determined to move the archives to Paris and for a committee to be formed to undertake this work. However, it was to Giulkhandanian that the work of organizing the archives fell, and his system of organizing the material remains in place to this day.

The archives are now housed in the Hairenik Building in Watertown, Massachusetts. The richness and importance of the archives will be brought to life through this website.