Judicial Procedure Against Simon Vratsian

Our November 2010 Newsletter is about an ARF judicial verdict, regarding an internal party suit filed against the last Prime Minister of Armenia (1918-1920) Simon Vratzian.

Agreement Between the ARF (Armenian Revolutionary Federation) and the CUP (Committee of Union and Progress, Ittihad ve Terakki)

In early July, 1908, in the Ottoman Empire, during the reign of Sultan Hamid 2-nd, the Constitution was reinforced. The constitutional movement was the culmination of cooperation between the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutiun) and several Turkish and non-Turkish opposition movements.

The Decision of the ARF Supreme Judicial Council Regarding the So Called “Leftist Dashnaktzagans”

During the last weeks of the Independent Republic of Armenia (November-December 1920), a group claiming to be “Leftist dashnagtzagans” emerged. It soon became apparent that they were nothing but agents of the Bolsheviks who were trying to subvert the independence of Armenia.

Yerznkan’s Prelate’s Report on the Massacres (1915)

Our October newsletter is about the Armenian Genocide. The Prelate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Yerznka (presently Erzinjan, now in Turkey) has sent a long report to the Armenian Patriarchate in Istanbul, about the genocidal campaign of the Ottoman Government in the above mentioned region. The document is found in the ARF Balkan Central […]

ARF-ADL Agreement (1921)

The document discussed herein is a political agreement, which was signed between the ARF and the Armenian Democratic Liberal (Ramgavar) Party. The document was signed in Constantinople, on December 20, 1921.

The Armenian Reforms

The 61th article of the Treaty of Berlin (1878) stipulated that reforms should be done in the Armenian vilayets of the Ottoman Empire.

Declaration of Independence (May 30, 1918)

Declaration of the First Republic of Armenia (May 30, 1918) May 28, 1918 is a turning point in the modern history of the Armenian nation. On that day, the Armenian statehood was established, which has ceased to exist since 1045, with the fall of the Bagradite Dynasty.

Letter by Armenians who found refuge in the woods of Trabizond (Dec. 20, 1915)

This is a handwritten letter sent from the woods somewhere near Trabizond (Turkey) in late December 1915 (early January 1916) by a group of young Armenians. They were survivors of the organized genocide in the Vilayet of Trabizond and they were fighting desperately in self defense.

Memoirs of Khempabed Mardiros

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Card Sent Jointly by Krisdapor and Siamanto to Zavarian

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