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    How to Assist

    The basic task of the ARF Archives Institute is not only the safekeeping of the materials which are in its custody, but also to categorize them and prepare them for future usage. Our archives are in safe hands, since they are closely related to the recent history of not only the ARF but also to the Armenian people. They are of great value both in moral and political sense.
    We ask from all those individuals, who have archival materials from their recent ancestry (whether they are in paper form, photos, memoirs, rare publications or audio-visual materials) be kind to submit them to us, so that in our turn, we could keep them in a proper way, evaluate them and if possible make them public, as a part of the political and cultural wealth of the Armenian people.

    You can click CONTACT US in order to get in touch with us. Thank You.

    One Response to “How to Assist”

    1. Harkelienguerner,
      Huj knahadeli e mer goussagtsoutian souyn azkokoud nakhatsernoutyune, i mi havakel Tashnagtsoutian harousd ou azkabadgan avantn ou badmoutioune, gazmelov enthanour arkhivayin, ousoumnasiragan yev hedazodagan getrone. Amen ankam yev amen aritov badrasd enk tser deghegoutiounnern ou lourere daradzelou mer gayketchen, vor gue hrabargvi deghagan, Portukaleren lezvov, Brazilahay hamyknin yev oragan mi kani dassnyag deghatsi te aylour gayketch hadjakhghneroun hay iraganoutiounn daradzelou nbadagov.
      Liagadar hatchoghoutyoun tser ays anzukagan achkhadankin. Engueragan Tchermaikn voghtouynnerov,
      armenia.com.br gayketchi khmpakragan gazmi badaskhanadouner, Djardaraked Eng. Carlos G. Giovoglanian yev Prof. Eng. Yervant Tamdjian

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